Michigan Transportation Team Launches Online Petition

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan drivers can hop online and tell their lawmakers to get moving on fixing the state’s crumbling transportation system, thanks to the Michigan Transportation Team’s (MTT) online petition (

Under the Governor’s transportation budget unveiled this week, the state road and bridge program was cut by an astounding 62 percent because of continued declining gas tax revenues and the state’s inability to match federal dollars.

“Our online petition is just another outlet for frustrated Michigan motorists to let their legislators know they support increased investment in our state’s transportation infrastructure,” said Mike Nystrom, vice president of government and public relations for the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA). “We’ve already collected more than 1,000 signatures calling on Michigan legislators to finally make transportation funding a priority.”

Although the petition will not change the law, the names of petition signers will be presented to state lawmakers to demonstrate the level of statewide support for investing in transportation.

“Infrastructure investment is a catalyst for economic expansion,” said Nystrom. “Without a quality transportation system, the chances of Michigan pulling out of this recession are grim. We are encouraging everyone who believes in moving our state forward to sign our petition.”

Those who sign the petition support the immediate passage of any legislation that will increase investment in Michigan’s transportation infrastructure, including raising revenue through adjustments in vehicle registration fees, user fees on gasoline and diesel fuel, and other new funding strategies.

“Without increased transportation funding, MDOT will continue to eliminate projects throughout the state – they recently eliminated 243 projects across Michigan,” said Nystrom. “Those projects represent hundreds of local jobs – No more excuses – fix Michigan’s roads now!”

Michigan residents can also voice their concerns about road funding by calling a toll-free number – 888-719-3087 – set up by MTT. Callers simply enter their five-digit ZIP code to be connected with their legislative offices.

MTT is a broad-based, bipartisan partnership of business, labor, local government, associations and citizens with the common goal of improving Michigan’s transportation infrastructure. The DriveMI campaign is committed to promoting the development and maintenance of a safe, convenient and efficient transportation network that serves the public, private and economic development needs of Michigan. Please visit for more information on transportation funding or follow them on Twitter @drivemi or YouTube at


Contact: Mike Nystrom, Vice President of Government and Public Relations, MITA Office: (517) 347-8336 Cell: (517) 896-1493