PR internship – An eye-opening experience

Intern name badge imageStudents often have many misconceptions about the PR industry – “PR and advertising are the same thing” or “You only have to be a people person to work in the PR industry.”

Luckily, Truscott Rossman provides interns with the most realistic perspective possible, and my experience has been enlightening! I’ve learned:


  • Your work matters, no matter how unglamorous. It may not put you in the spotlight, but you definitely feel a sense of accomplishment when your press release gets picked up or other writing you do helps get legislation passed.
  • There is glory in the behind-the-scenes work, if you take the time to see it.
  • Client and media relations are everything. Talking to reporters and clients as an intern has shown me that this industry doesn’t manipulate journalists, it helps them do their jobs. Creating and maintaining strong relationships – on all media fronts – is essential to the success of our clients.
  • Almost every product, service or issue needs some form of PR. There’s always a broader audience to reach or a new message to get across. Our job is to deliver it.

My internship at Truscott Rossman has helped me realize the endless ways PR works in the world. It has also given me a boost as I climb the career ladder, putting me several rungs ahead of many other aspiring PR professionals.

The opportunities are there – I can’t wait to get started!

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