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Not If, But When

Defeat the Breach – A Cyber Security Resource More Important Than Ever During COVID-19

COVID-19 has upended lives, businesses, communities and schools. It’s also forced or at least hastened new remote working and learning paradigms, along with an even bigger surge in online shopping, mobile food delivery and more. 

That explosion of digital connectivity has spurred innovation, created opportunities and led to many good outcomes. The global pandemic has, in some ways, brought out the best in us and our society. 

It’s also sadly brought out the worst, including hackers and sophisticated cyberattacks looking to take advantage of the crisis and uncertainty. The statistics are staggering and sobering, both in frequency and scope. 

The FBI has reported a 400% increase in reported cybercrimes since coronavirus started – from 1,000 daily to 4,000 a day now. At least thousands more likely go unreported. Plus, specific COVID-19 themed attacks have skyrocketed across the U.S.  Whether it’s malicious emails with COVID-related subject lines designed to garner clicks, or specific ransomware attacks on health information and vaccine research, cybercrime is one industry that’s ramping up during the pandemic. 

Recent headlines have chronicled a Michigan university ransomware attack, a cyber attack that disrupted Michigan’s online bar exam and a widespread scam involving thousands of fraudulent COVID-related claims filed with the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency. 

Being cyber smart and secure have never been more important.  Attacks can cripple operations and reputations and be extremely costly to address and fix. That’s where Defeat the Breach comes in. 

TR co-founded this no-cost cybersecurity preparedness and response awareness and education initiative last fall with information technology firm Providence Consulting and law firm Fraser Trebilcock. It’s now bolstered by the addition of DFI Forensics, a digital forensics firm headquartered in Vancouver, BC.  

Defeat the Breach is designed to leverage the four firms’ respective expertise, helping Michigan companies and organizations across all industries prepare, protect and prevail against any security incident, big or small. 

Visit to learn more and access free, ongoing tips, templates, news and a cybersecurity risk assessment. 

Cybersecurity is always vital, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that it’s particularly important to be vigilant and take these critical steps when we’re all more vulnerable. “Shields Up!” as we say.