Four interns posing on steps of the Lnansing capitol building

Intern Insights: 2020 Pandemic Edition

I’ve been working with TR for eight months now and I can’t remember a time I felt like an intern. When they said this wouldn’t be a “fetch me a coffee” type of experience, they really meant it. From the variety of work I’ve been assigned, to the respect I’ve been given, I’ve always felt like a member of the TR family. While my internship with Truscott Rossman is temporary, the professional and personal growth I’ve experienced is perpetual.

I began my internship with TR with little practical experience in public relations, so naturally I lacked confidence in my ability to produce quality work. That quickly changed through the mentorship of my peers and responsibility that has been delegated to me. I have been handed assignments similar to those given to account executives, which has helped fuel my professional capabilities.

After my first week of onboarding and training I was put to work conducting research, drafting press releases and creating social media content for various clients. I was able to sit in on client meetings and learn the process and impact of coalition building. I’ve witnessed the team mitigate client crisis, a type of situation I had only read about in textbooks. And not only am I assigned tasks, but I’ve been asked for my opinion and input on projects in multiple instances, which made me feel valued and respected.

Amongst my most exciting experiences was getting to contribute work to the City of Detroit. This included drafting press releases and helping draft live tweets during the City’s press conferences. One of my most frequent responsibilities is developing media tracking reports for various clients. I have become an expert at finding and cutting clips from Meltwater, a listening software.

What makes the TR internship program unique is the balance of guidance and autonomy. Working with diverse clients taught me the different roles communications and public relations plays throughout industries, and I’ve been able to get a better sense of my personal skills and interests. The TR team regularly encourages me to explore my interests and assigns projects that help me explore those interests.

My favorite experience with TR has been the internship mentorship program. Each team member, including John Truscott, CEO and principal, sets aside a minimum of 30 minutes each month for a one-on-one mentorship meeting with me. These discussions are invaluable to my personal and professional development and have provided a unique internship experience. I organize and lead these meetings and choose what we discuss each month. Through this mentorship I’ve been able to build authentic relationships with my peers, learn through their experiences and expertise, and gain meaningful advice.

The support of the TR team has heavily contributed to my confidence as a professional. Not only has each team member served as a resource to me, but their support toward one another is what makes this company the positive force it is. Working with this group of talented experts, especially through a global pandemic, has been most inspiring for me. I’m beyond grateful for my experiences with Truscott Rossman.

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