Beyond the Computer Screen: 2021 Spring Intern Insights

Despite the pandemic presenting unique challenges to the way we work, Truscott Rossman is glad to be able to offer a robust and educational virtual internship program. Take a brief dive into just some of the experiences and insights our 2021 spring interns gleaned along the way:

Nyah Hodges

Never had I imagined taking on an internship during a school semester, but when this particular opportunity, circumstance and company allowed this experience to come to fruition, I found myself grateful for the chances it presented.

Like many others the pandemic halted and disrupted many of my expectations and college experiences. The transition to virtual learning and digital meetings became familiar during the most unfamiliar times. An unexpected outcome to the rise of virtual communication, however, was the opportunity to do an internship synchronously during my school year. With the move to at-home work and surplus of Zoom meetings, Truscott Rossman gave me the opening to gain agency experience all while balancing my academics at Central Michigan University.

With communication being a necessary component of a virtual internship, the TR team always made sure I was getting meaningful work and asking for my input on varying assignments and made me feel connected to the team even from my college residence hall hours away from the TR headquarters. Some of my favorite projects involved digital and writing assignments. I assisted with press releases, social media copy, logo designing and more. The most satisfying aspect of working with real-world clients was seeing my work utilized and valued. Even though I was just an intern, I wasn’t seen as that: I was a part of the team. 

I’m so grateful for the possibilities made possible during my internship. I grew my understanding of public relations, became more confident in my abilities and was even able to apply skills and knowledge learned simultaneously in my classes. Even on the most hectic days, I still wouldn’t trade this opportunity up for anything.

Sophia Simon

Prior to my internship with TR, I had little experience in public relations outside of the classroom. Expecting this to make the learning curve difficult, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that team members were gladly willing to offer guidance and support when needed. Opportunities for guidance were ample especially as I had regular mentor calls with team members throughout the term. TR is an innovative public relations agency focused on collaboration, building strong relationships and nurturing holistic partnerships. This transcended into the organization’s internal conduct.  

As an intern, I supported account executives on client projects and found ways to increase the capacity of the staff as a whole. My responsibilities included but were not limited to: writing and distributing news releases and media advisories; Monitoring daily client media coverage and identifying opportunities to leverage media for clients; Providing ideas and recommendations for how to fulfill clients’ communications needs in innovative ways; and participating in creative coordination sessions for client projects or Truscott Rossman self-promotion/marketing. Such assignments, even “small” ones that may be perceived as inconsequential, were valuable and allowed me to develop important skills for my future career.   

Overall, TR is a great place for undergraduates and young people to explore their interests. TR provides various opportunities for interns to develop their skills, however, it is important for interns to create opportunities for themselves, leverage relationships, and learn from every experience. Having gained invaluable skills and insight as a TR intern, I feel well prepared to enter my future career and to continue to develop my skills.  

To apply for an internship at Truscott Rossman, visit our Intern With TR page.