Statement from John Truscott, CEO, Truscott Rossman, Regarding the Death of Kelly Rossman-McKinney

The team at Truscott Rossman and I join people across the state of Michigan today in mourning the loss of our friend, Kelly Rossman-McKinney. Kelly left this world the way she lived in it – bravely determined, inspiring all those around her with her courage, wit and humor.  We will miss her tremendously.

Throughout her 45-year career, Kelly became one of Michigan’s best-known, highly-respected and most-accomplished communications experts. There never has been and never will be another Kelly Rossman-McKinney. She shattered the glass ceiling for women in Lansing by taking risks – risks she understood and committed to because she knew what challenges were, and she faced them head on. After years of competing for business, and even serving as adversaries on issues, Kelly and I joined forces and founded Truscott Rossman in 2011. It was the best decision of my career.

With her passing, I’ve lost more than a business partner, I’ve lost a best friend, my work wife and one of the most heroic people I’ve ever met.

On behalf of our entire team, I extend deep sympathy to Kelly’s beloved husband, Officer Dave Thompson, and her children Alex, Teddy, Connor and Coby, her stepdaughter Brittany Thompson, daughter-in-law Jessica Zimbelman and former husband and great friend, Kevin McKinney.