Finding My Team: Through the Eyes of a 2022 PR Intern

When asked what’s most important to me when accepting a new career position, I always have the same answer: to be part of the team.

I never wanted to feel like an intern. I never wanted to be the employee no one really mentioned, talked to, or heard about. I wanted to be important and offer insight, as well as learn from people who are more experienced than me.

That’s exactly what Truscott Rossman (TR) did. The firm made me feel like a valued member of the team.

My mentor, Annika, did a great job setting me up for success. This semester was her first time as the internship coordinator, but I would have never known. TR’s internship centers around making staff accessible to the intern. From writing workshops with President Ron Fournier, lunch with CEO John Truscott and learning sessions with PR powerhouses on the team.

During my time as a public relations intern at TR, I was entrusted with a lot of tasks and responsibilities on some of our largest projects. A few of these included drafting social media copy for major auto suppliers, press releases for Shepler’s Ferry, award nominations, blog posts and more. I was also able to practice earned media tactics like client pitching and follow-up calls. And I learned about social media marketing and the importance of each social platform. Most importantly, I was able to network and learn alongside some of the best PR professionals.

I sat in on real client meetings and was able to work both remotely and in the office during my internship. I toured the state capitol while working from the Lansing office and participated in an earned media training while visiting the Detroit office. Each of these trainings and excursions were completed with an area expert on staff. Earned media training from a media relations pro is something every PR intern should experience.

As a senior at Central Michigan University studying Integrative Public Relations, I had four previous internships leading up to my role at TR. I can confidently say that my internship here prepared me most for a full-time agency position once I graduate, wherever that may be.

I truly felt welcomed, important, and encouraged to learn from mistakes, take on constructive criticism and ultimately, use my voice. I was truly just another member of the team.

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