The app that connects legislators with
more than 1,000 lobbyists and media pros.

Granting you access to the inner circle

Need to know who just charged past you on the Capitol’s North Stairs? How about who was sipping coffee with your colleague at the House Biggby? Get the most up-to-date listing of lobbyists and reporters working under and around the Capitol dome with Truscott Rossman’s Lobby Guide App. 

Our award-winning Lobby Guide features photos and biographies of lobbyists from multi-client lobbying firms, associations and unions, corporations, universities, and the Capitol Press Corps. The app is fully searchable and includes regularly updated biographical information and personnel changes. 

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Lobby Guide History

For almost 30 years, the Lobby Guide has been the “go-to” resource for background and contacts on lobbyists, media, the administration, and legislators. First created by our co-founder, Kelly Rossman-McKinney, it has grown much more comprehensive over the years. Now we take the next leap in making the information even more accessible and usable. By converting the lobby guide to an app, you can now carry the guide in your pocket, access phone numbers and emails with the click of a link and have more information than ever at your fingertips. And unlike the old, printed version, we can continuously update and change the guide as people move positions or change their contact information.