Washington, D.C.

capitalizing on connections

Truscott Rossman has always had connections in Washington, but in 2019, we put boots on the ground in our nation’s capital.

With a team that boasts a former Washington AP Bureau Chief and former Congressional press secretary, our reach spans Capitol Hill, The White House and K Street.

We would love to connect. Give us a call at 313-393-1300.

Washington, D.C.

1200 G Street NW, Suite 800
Washington DC 20005

Washington, D.C. Team

Each of our team members brings strong and diverse talents to serve our clients. We are smart, agile, and engaged in our communities. We are constantly learning to stay on top of industry trends and help our clients see around corners. Above all, we pride ourselves on being the hardest working team in the business and always go the extra mile to meet our clients’ goals.