Digital Media

We’re an audience-focused, storytelling PR firm with Michigan roots and national reach. We tell stories that drive change — and we’ll do it for you. A lot of brands — and the PR firms that service them — only focus on soft metrics like reach or engagement rate.

To be effective, these must be connected to more concrete metrics like customer satisfaction, ease of doing business, profit margins and operating EPS. That’s what we do. We put the audience first and tell digital stories that drive measurable change across platforms.​

Brand Journalism

The media landscape has changed, and organizations must adapt with it to reach and engage target audiences. Today, companies must be prepared to effectively tell their own story, in many cases, without the help of journalists. We can help you strategize and develop those stories to buttress earned media coverage and lead your audience along a brand journey towards your desired outcome, whether that is visiting your page, interacting with a campaign or choosing a product.

Digital Media Strategy
+ Implementation

What’s your objective? Who do you need to reach to achieve that objective? What action do you want them to take? And what story will drive them to take that action? By answering these basic questions, we can develop and implement a digital strategy that advances your business goals.

Digital Marketing

Today, “media” is more than traditional news outlets. Reaching your audience through journalists is critical, but the opportunities to do so are diminishing. We believe in delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time – and digital marketing makes that possible.

Social Media
+ Community Management

Community Management is a critical component of any brand’s online presence. Giving a human face and voice to your brand and engaging with inbound and outbound communications in an approachable way will help grow your presence and improve customer satisfaction day-to-day. And if issues flair, our strategists can step in to assure a coordinated approach and help manage your direct-to-community crisis messaging.