Public Affairs

When it comes to swaying public policy, engaging stakeholders or advancing positive change in communities, it often comes down to not only what, but who, you know. As the only bipartisan communications firm in the state, no one else has the connections and trust on both sides of the aisle to get the job done like Truscott Rossman.

TR thrives at the intersection of public relations and public affairs. Our team is loaded with well-connected and innovative communicators who have served as top advisers and spokespeople for governors, federal and state lawmakers, mayors, state agencies, nonprofits, NGOs and more – each with expertise in all aspects of advocacy communications. That’s where we learned to see around corners. 

Whether you’re looking to make an impact in the state Capitol, in Michigan or across the country, our team has been there and knows how to deliver. How else could we be named the Most Effective PR Team by the MIRS/EPIC-MRA poll every year since its inception?

Bonus: We also produce the “Michigan Legislators’ Guide to Lobbyists and Media” – the go-to resource for Capitol insiders.

Ballot Initiatives

Winning or defeating a ballot measure can be an immense challenge that requires the best strategic communications and coordination. TR knows what it takes to resonate with voters, working on some of the state’s successful and biggest statewide ballot initiatives as well as local millage campaigns.

Coalition Building

TR is a master builder, leveraging relationships across sectors, communities and peninsulas to forge the kind of strong, diverse coalition and support necessary to mobilize citizens, influencers and bring policy change.

Grassroots & Grasstops Mobilization

Reaching and activating constituents, community members and opinion leaders on issues they care about can make all the difference in advocacy communications. TR is second to none in harnessing the power of these audiences to help effect change.

Public Affairs​ Case Studies