Top 6 Strategy for Tackling Priorities

Top 6 Priority StrategyIn today’s busy world, our To Do lists can seem overwhelming. Tackling priorities begins with identifying which items need to be accomplished now or soon. Using a Top 6 strategy each day means starting with a focused list of tasks to check off before moving on to less pressing activities. Six seems more manageable – right?

First, look at your upcoming calendar meetings; see what documents or graphics need to be prepared or provided to meeting attendees beforehand. Next, review your strategic plan to identify approaching tactical deadlines. Last, look over department meeting notes or staff professional development plans to determine what items you owe to others and what meetings need to be scheduled.

On morning one, create a Top 6 list of items to be completed that day — work exclusively on those items before addressing lower priority tasks. It’s okay if you run into a road block in fully completing the task, at least you started down the road. At the end of each day, create a Top 6 list for the following day, transferring items not fully completed and adding new priorities.

This strategy has proven to be a successful tool for business professionals, parents and students. It can be prepared using a simple sticky note or more robust tools like Wunderlist — my personal favorite. As with developing any new habit, it may take a week or two before this strategy becomes routine. Don’t forget, the entire Truscott Rossman team is always here to assist you in a wide range of strategic communications, digital media or other public relations needs to help complete your Top 6 list in a pinch.