Storydrivers. Brand Guardians.

From day one – when John Truscott and Kelly Rossman-McKinney merged their firms in 2011 and built one of the top public relations agencies in Michigan – Truscott Rossman has provided unparalleled service to our clients.

The firm thrives at the intersection of public relations and public affairs, consistently earning the top spot in the MIRS/EPIC-MRA survey of Capitol insiders.  

But beyond that, TR is trusted for our insightful crisis and issues expertise, our strategic thinking on the integrated marketing and media relations fronts, our sound community relations counsel and now more than ever before — with Ron Fournier’s national journalism chops — our ability to drive stories that drive change.

Here’s how we promote and protect your brand.

Community Relations

Whether you’re an international corporation or a local nonprofit, you share more than a zip code with the community you call home. We help clients build bonds with community leaders and members who share your interests and whose decisions and influence can impact your KPIs.

Corporate Communications

Truscott Rossman partners with our clients’ leadership and communications teams to ensure all stakeholder communications are on-strategy, well-integrated, consistent and effective. Our deliverable is your good reputation. We’re here to protect – and elevate – it. That’s why some of the most influential companies in the nation trust us to represent them.

Crisis Communications
+ Issues Management

Our team provides the level-headed strategic counsel required to survive even the worst PR nightmare. We help protect your reputation with insightful strategy and in-the-moment messaging when issues flair or when a three-alarm crisis hits.

You can take confidence in the fact that this isn’t our first rodeo. Take a look at what we’ve done for some of our clients.

Digital Media

We tell stories that drive change. A lot of brands and the PR firms that service them — focus on soft metrics like reach or engagement rate. To be effective, these must be connected to more concrete metrics like customer satisfaction, ease of doing business, profit margins and operating EPS. That’s what we do. We put the audience first and tell digital stories that drive measurable change across platforms.

Executive Communications

Your executive and management team is formidable. They’re up for any challenge in the boardroom or the marketplace.  But, is that the image they convey when they step in front of a TV camera or behind a microphone? If the answer is no, we can help.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Let us help you maintain strong and consistent brand messaging across all channels. Our diverse team of corporate communications, media relations, digital media and marketing strategists work seamlessly to drive your story directly to the people, places and power-brokers you want to reach.

Media Relations

We’ve spent 30 years nurturing our media bonds in Michigan, Washington, D.C., New York and beyond. We continue to be trusted and respected at the highest levels, serving as news outlets’ go-t0 source for information. Whether clients are looking to schedule an editorial board meeting or get their side of the story told, Truscott Rossman is their secret weapon in the battle for earned media coverage.

Public Affairs

When it comes to swaying public policy, engaging stakeholders or advancing positive change in communities, it often comes down to not only what, but who, you know. As the only bipartisan communications firm in the state, no one else has the connections and trust on both sides of the aisle to get the job done like Truscott Rossman.

Defeat the Breach

Cyberattacks are more than just IT problems, they can shatter customer confidence and cause irreparable harm to a company’s hard-fought and earned reputation. That’s why TR has partnered with top IT and legal firms to help companies prevent, respond to and recover from cybersecurity incidents.