The Decision to Acquire


We’ve been in growth mode for some time, but it’s not always a linear path. When and how to grow is rarely a simple equation. When you’re in the personal services business, you have to be aware of business cycles, client ebbs and flows and economic realities. 

But some decisions are presented and just come naturally. We experienced that with the recent acquisition of Blohm Creative Partners.

So what led to this decision? TR had undergone the EOS process, otherwise known as Entrepreneurial Operating System. You may have heard their ads, or you may know someone whose company is engaged in the process. Simply put, it helps leaders of a company provide clarity, accountability and the tools to make quick decisions that are best for the company, and it gets the entire team working with a system that is leaner, more accountable and frankly, just better. 

We had decided that we could either grow by adding staff, or acquiring a firm that provided some of the strengths we were looking for. But adding staff, training them, building on their strengths can take a long time and it’s not guaranteed to work out.

And this is when an incredible opportunity was dropped in our lap. An M & A firm in Grand Rapids sent me a fairly generic email about a Michigan-based marketing firm that was preparing to be acquired. The owner was planning his retirement and he wanted to make sure his team and clients were taken care of.

This all happened very fast and probably a year earlier than we had planned. But, if you don’t jump at opportunities, they’ll pass you by.

As our team dug into the financials and operations, the deal seemed better by the day. They had good revenue, solid profit and a great client list. That doesn’t happen without a really good team in place. 

So now, Blohm Creative Partners (BCP) will become an integral part of Truscott Rossman (TR). Over the next several months, we’ll begin to blend operations and make the two parts into one.This will dramatically expand our marketing, creative, and digital capabilities. This business is all about service to clients and meeting their needs. We had a few areas where we just didn’t have the depth of experience we needed. This acquisition fills that gap and prepares us for the future, which is changing faster than I ever imagined.

I look forward to the combined efforts and the great work we will do for our clients – and leading the best team of professionals I could ever wish for.