PR internship – Growing to be your professional self

Adam Hudak, Diop Harris and Adonne Raine Washington at Michigan’s Capitol.

Friends and family ask me all the time what, exactly, I do at work. I’ve interned at Truscott Rossman for a year, and I have yet to come up with a concise answer beyond, “I pretty much do everything.”

My very first week I was trained, sat in and took notes during a client meeting and pushed out a press release (after three sets of eyes reviewed it, of course). And those are only the things I can remember!

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to do some of the coolest work a 20-something college student can get. I have:

  • Worked on a successful campaign to increase the state’s higher education budget (our work was recently honored by the Central Michigan PR Society of America);
  • Helped set up an event to open a free-access, 24-hour community soccer field in Lansing; and
  • Helped a client set a Guinness World Record for assembling the most Rosie the Riveter look-a-likes in one place.

I’ve met some of the state’s biggest wigs like Michigan State Head Basketball Coach Tom Izzo and traveled to cool venues like Detroit’s Renaissance Center and the Michigan Capitol. Those broad experiences will be invaluable in landing my first professional job.

I have also learned some important lessons: One, never leave salt and vinegar chips unattended – you’ll never see them again. Two, never turn down a request to work after-hours. An internship is all about seizing opportunities, and some of the best arise when you’re asked to go above and beyond. Do it.

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